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Regardless of the industry and company size, our fleet management software supports you in the efficient administration and monitoring of your vehicles. Digital administration allows you to streamline your processes and significantly optimize vehicle use. Thanks to complete documentation and a comprehensive overview of each individual vehicle in your fleet, you always have an overview of your entire fleet and can manage vehicle damage and repairs at the push of a button. With our solution, you not only save time and money, but also improve safety and compliance with vehicle regulations.

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Full control over your fleet

With our 1Tool Fleet software, you always have the management of your vehicle fleets under control.

One of the key features of our software is maintenance scheduling, which enables companies to keep their vehicles in the best condition, reducing downtime and extending their lifespan. With the 1Tool Fleet management software makes it easy for companies to schedule regular maintenance and inspections, track repairs and replacements, and get automatic reminders when maintenance is due.

In addition, the fleet management software can provide real-time updates on the status of maintenance and repair work. This means fleet managers can quickly see which vehicles are in the workshop, what work is being done and when it will be completed. You can also monitor maintenance and repair costs, identify recurring problems, and make informed decisions about whether to repair or replace a vehicle.

Communication rethought

Our fleet park software also enables easy communication with the workshops.

If a vehicle needs to be serviced, work orders can be automatically created directly in the software and assigned to the appropriate workshop. The mechanics can then access the work order and update the status as they complete the job. This not only ensures maintenance is performed in a timely and efficient manner, but also eliminates the need for manual communication and paperwork.

In addition, our software guarantees complete documentation of all damage and work with photos, so that the handover process is efficient and, above all, transparent and comprehensible for you as the fleet manager.

Fleet management at the highest level

With 1Tool optimize the management of your fleet, have all important data in one central location and, thanks to the automation and acceleration of all activities, can concentrate on other, important areas of your company.

  • Higher uptime:

With our proactive maintenance planning, fleet managers can reduce their vehicles' downtime and keep them on the road. This means less time is wasted on repairs and more time on completing jobs and generating revenue.

  • Better cost control:

By tracking maintenance and repair costs, fleet managers can identify trends and make data-driven decisions about repairs, replacements, and fleet expansion. This helps companies reduce maintenance costs, optimize fleet utilization and maximize return on investment.

  • Optimized communication:

By automating communication with mechanics and workshops, the 1Tool Fleet software eliminates manual communication and paperwork. This saves time and reduces the risk of miscommunication or errors. In addition, fleet managers can quickly view the status of maintenance and repair work and take appropriate action if necessary.

  • Better compliance with all safety regulations:

Our fleet management software helps your company comply with legal regulations by enabling accurate recording and complete documentation of maintenance work.

Better overview of our entire vehicle fleet

Next 1Tool we have invested an enormous amount of time in administrative activities instead of concentrating on the quick processing of our maintenance and repair work on our vehicles. In addition, we no longer had an overview of how many or which vehicles were currently in the workshop and when the work on them would be completed. Thanks to the fleet management software from 1Tool we now have a central platform that we can use to efficiently process all our processes and that enables us to check our vehicles directly via an app, place repair orders and communicate directly with the workshops.

– Paul Janacek, Head of Group Post AG fleet

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  • Management of the entire vehicle fleet via app
  • Providing relevant information in real time
  • Complete documentation of all repair and maintenance work
  • Comprehensive overview of all open orders

  • Reduced time expenditure thanks to digital procurement & communication
  • Increased transparency throughout the company
  • Comprehensive evaluations (best workshop, best location, etc.)

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