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Do you want to provide doctors, clinics and pharmacies with appropriate care? With the basic and special functions of our 1Tool business software, we have created an intelligent tool that allows you to both Administrative Activities, as well as Marketing- And sales activities in the Pharmaceutical Industry & Healthcare can be controlled in a targeted manner and thus be able to secure a clear competitive advantage.

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Central management of physician data

1Tool has a comprehensive Contact management, with which you can record healthcare and pharmaceutical customers in a central database and identify unused sales potential at the push of a button.

current customer data, Resubmissions, notes etc. provide a 360° view of your customers increase in efficiency of your sales and optimal support of your sales area. The View of your customer data can be very targeted adapt to your needs - relevant information such as contact persons, doctor's samples, etc. are available at a glance for your contact. In addition, important actions can be carried out with one click from the customer profile - from updating the contact details to sending an individual e-mail.

a solid one data search across all target groups, such as medical specialists, clinics, pharmacies or direct sales customers, forms the basis of a successful Pharma CRM software. In order to be able to optimally prepare your sales talks and sales force visits, there is an extensive contact search available. The entire database can be searched for doctors, clinics or pharmacies using freely definable and relevant criteria (e.g. regions, surgery times, health insurers). At the push of a button you will find contacts with the highest sales potential and can provide your customers and potential customers with the best possible support and advice thanks to compactly prepared information.

Clear illustration of medical samples

1Tool supports legally compliant documentation of doctor's samples in accordance with the Medicines Act (AMG) and, thanks to a professional sample workflow, ensures automatic quantity control of your doctor's samples.

This means that the quotas available for each customer can be seen at a glance. Thanks to the web-based interface, your field staff are able to record visits and sample deliveries directly on site with any device, be it a smartphone or tablet.

In addition to the Documentation of doctor sample submissions can be made with the pharmaceutical software from 1Tool as well as sponsorship and Quotation workflows easily log and track.

Mobile CRM app for your pharmaceutical sales force

Informed quickly and at any time with the 1Tool Pharma CRM Application - The mobile application provides your sales force with useful information and helps to convey complex content to healthcare professionals in order to be able to conduct a successful sales pitch.

Numerous functions and applications make the pharmaceutical sales app an indispensable sales tool and guarantee Mobility, flexibility and Efficiency for field service:

  • Perfect support for customers and leads:

because contacts, including notes, documents and emails, can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

  • Scheduling & route planning

Efficient overview and daily planning your appointments, as well as theirs Route & Navigation

  • Calls and appointments with pharmaceutical customers:

can be used quickly and easily at any time and on site with the voice function efficiently logged so that no details are lost.

  • Optimal teamwork:

Notes and comments keep you up-to-date on the go. Appointments appear for this – and task reminders directly on your smartphone or tablet. The handling of the entire sales cycle is thus possible on the move - from access to leads to the evaluation of business transactions.

A great strategic tool for the pharma sales force

1Tool Pharma CRM provides a quick overview of our entire sales process so important deals are not lost.
Our sales team is enthusiastic about the solution, as we can easily access all the data and information we need within a few seconds, both in the office and on the move in the field.

Anja Serra, Director Finance & Human Resources MARVECS GmbH

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Advantages - 1Tool CRM system

  • Optimal management of customers including visit reports
  • Easy traceability of all actions and activities
  • Target group-oriented addressing thanks to newsletter marketing
  • Planning of sales tours using a contact map

  • More efficient use of working time thanks to mobile access
  • Error reduction in calculations & data entry
  • Higher productivity
  • increase in sales

Hans-Peter Wolf, sales contact.

Hans Peter Wolf

Head of Sales & Authorized Officer

Our contact person for CRM software is available to you at any time by telephone or e-mail. We would also be happy to arrange an appointment for an exclusive consultation or training course.

Recommended modules for the pharmaceutical industry

doctor pattern


per month/user

    Illustration of doctor sample submissions

    Comprehensive documentation

    Direct use on site

    Export of all taxes

visit reports


per month/user

    Documentation of customer appointments

    Optimal sales support

    Direct use on site

    Individual visit types



per month/user

    Figure sponsorship workflows

    Documentation of working lunches, congresses, etc.

    Allocation of costs to cost centers

    Permissions & Releases

Contact management


per month/user

    Unlimited contacts

    companies and contacts

    Contact Search & Map

    Individual views & fields

    History & Mobile Sync

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