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1Tool offers so much more than ordinary CRM software and goes far beyond standard contact management.

The power and flexibility of our system gives you the freedom to take new approaches to the customer retention to develop and win new customers with creative opportunities in marketing and sales.

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CRM software for marketing

With the 1Tool CRM modules allow you to communicate with your target groups seamlessly across all channels and reach both existing customers and potential customers with exactly the right message.

  • Targeted address

Create your own forms to find out the most important data from your target group and then segment them using contact groups, distribution lists, etc. Campaign filters help you to engage in dialogue with your customers with personalized and engaging campaigns.

  • Success numbers with one click

Thanks to the integrated analytics function, you receive the results of your marketing measures at the push of a button and use them to further optimize your conversion rates.

A tool. Multiple options.

Would you like to know how you can best use our CRM software for your marketing? Discover the diverse possibilities of 1Tool and inspire your prospects with welcome newsletters or follow-up emails to remind them of sale items and valid discount campaigns.

CRM software for sales

Our CRM tool offers a central view of all your customers and enables you and your sales staff to track qualified leads, organize your quotation in no time and never lose sight of performance and sales.

  • Leads always in sight

Both the previous communication with your customers, as well as information about purchased products, interests, etc. help to better support and take advantage of up- and cross-selling opportunities.

  • Easy deal tracking

From the sales opportunity to the offer and invoicing, complete and track all steps in one system. This gives your sales pipeline the necessary structure.

  • Forecasts & goals at a glance

Detailed reports show you the successes of your sales team and allow you to draw conclusions about further activities.

First class sales work with 1Tool

In addition to internal sales, should your field staff also benefit from the advantages of CRM software? No problem - use the route planner to organize your customer visits at the touch of a button and access relevant data on the go via smartphone or tablet.

CRM software for customer service

Our CRM software helps you reduce your response times and provide your customers with faster answers and solutions. In addition to the central collection of customer-relevant information, we have developed further modules for the optimal organization of tickets and know-how for you.

  • Automate routine tasks

With us you have more time to focus on the optimal support of your customers while 1Tool the processes are automated. Be it the creation of new contacts via forms or automated messages to customer advisors about sales opportunities, complaints and Co.

  • increase customer satisfaction

Our solution combines the advantages of several modules. Response times are getting shorter thanks to the internal wiki, task management and ticket system.

The customer is king? with 1Tool guaranteed!

When a customer calls you or writes an email, you already have the right answer ready. Linking our modules makes it possible! In this way, all the necessary data from all departments can be called up in one place. This not only ensures higher productivity, but will undoubtedly put a smile on your customers' faces.

Questions & answers about CRM

Customer relationship management, also known as CRM for short, describes the orientation of a company towards its customers in order to Maintaining and building long-term business relationships to ensure. This includes relationships with potential and existing customers as well as relationships with suppliers, partners, employees and other stakeholders. In the foreground of relationship management is always the active, customer-oriented design of business processes, in order to create optimal customer experiences, to win over customers, to retain them and as a result to significantly increase the company's success.

CRM software supports this entrepreneurial approach by collecting relevant data centrally and processing it accordingly. You can interact more effectively with customers and send them offers tailored to their interests and needs. In addition, through the use of a CRM system common processes automated and relieves various areas of the company such as marketing, sales and service, while at the same time increasing profitability.

With the right system, a comprehensive customer profile can be mapped. From simple master data (name, address, contact details) to previous interactions and conversations, services used, complaints, etc., all information is used to carefully care for customers and leads. Based on this, thanks to the functions of a CRM system, expected closing opportunities and Cross-selling Potentials can be recognized more easily and individual communication measures can be set.

The aim of CRM software is to process and prepare collected information about customers and stakeholders in such a way that it can be used intelligently and profitably for customer acquisition and customer care. As a result, the use of a CRM system aims at one high customer satisfaction, strong competitiveness and long-term returns .

However, these goals can only be achieved if you know the needs of your customers and know how they tick and act. An all-encompassing customer picture. And this is exactly where the tasks of CRM software come in. she must cross-channel Consolidate all information about your buyers in one central place, so that employees of every department can access it and use it for their activities. For example, not only can sales follow the path from the inquiry to the sale more easily, marketing measures and services can also be more easily tailored to the interests and wishes of the customers.

The uniform view of the customer also promotes teamwork and takes care of more transparency and efficiency in the company. Another task of a CRM software lies in the Provision important metrics to analyze and monitor the success of your measures. In this way you can regularly optimize your activities and offers.

Lower costs and reduced time expenditure
Due to the automation of all administrative activities, you save valuable working time by using CRM software. Employees can thus focus more on their core activities and customer care. By providing relevant data within a central platform, the time required to find the information is also significantly reduced. In addition, many CRM software cover such 1Tool the processes and workflows of an entire company with their functions. This saves further costs for other systems and time to switch back and forth between them.

More transparency, efficiency and productivity
Your employees access a uniform database together. As a result, they are more connected, have insight into the work of other departments and can use this for better collaboration and customer care. Automating all activities and processes reduces the time spent on manual tasks and the number of clicks. In this way, employees create more within their working hours. Another advantage is that you are no longer dependent on individual employees and their know-how - whether they are dismissed or on sick leave, urgent information is available to other employees at any time in the CRM software.

Stronger customer loyalty and better support
The CRM software keeps all important information about a customer ready: contact details, interests, products already purchased, complaints, etc. This 360-degree overview enables you to provide your customers with targeted support. And all this in a matter of seconds - your employees can already view all relevant data during a call and respond accordingly to the needs of your customers. Better service leads to higher customer satisfaction, which in turn builds more profitable relationships and repeat customers.

Detailed forecasts and optimization potential
Thanks to the forecasting functions of CRM systems, the enormous amounts of data can be automatically evaluated and important key figures measured. This allows problems to be identified at an early stage, offers and products to be adapted as needed, future trends to be identified and potential for improvement to be identified. In addition, the automatic forecasts make cross- and upselling opportunities clear and thus help with the planning and definition of future activities and goals.

Flexible and location-independent working
A CRM software like 1Tool Thanks to its cloud-based use, it enables you to work anywhere and anytime. Whether in the office, in the home office or on the road with customers, the data can be accessed anytime and anywhere. This enables companies to work together better across locations and teams around the world to be connected.

A CRM system is essential, especially for those employees who are in close contact with customers. This includes sales, marketing and customer service. An advanced CRM software like 1Tool has long since not only been based on these areas, but also refers to them all departments of a company with a. For example, management, IT staff and HR management also benefit from CRM software and thus guarantee consistent support for relevant stakeholders.

All departments of your company work better and more productively together thanks to increased transparency and easier data access. It doesn't matter whether it's a large corporation, a medium-sized company or a small business, a CRM supports it Businesses of all sizes in the successful management and maintenance of their customer relationships.

You can find more information about the use of CRM software in the various departments of a company in our infographic.

When introducing CRM software, you should first ask yourself which functions your preferred system must have and which activities should be simplified with it. A concrete one Definition of goals, procedures and processes is therefore necessary.

Once the CRM strategy is in place, good planning is now required to introduce your system. At best there is one responsible team for the implementation that always monitors the progress. In addition, all other employees should be informed at an early stage about the introduction of a new tool in the company. On the one hand, this increases the acceptance of your employees for the software. On the other hand, due to their practical relevance, they can give helpful tips regarding everyday tasks and the course of certain activities that the software is intended to improve.

Finally, it is also important to think about the access rights of your employees close. Every modern CRM system has the ability to set roles and permissions to ensure secure data usage. This gives your employees access to the data that is relevant to their work.

What Mistakes when introducing CRM software are often made and how they can be prevented, read here in our blog Article.

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