Software for medium-sized businesses

With 1Tool ensure holistically structured processes throughout the company. From marketing and sales to accounting and human resources, with our software you are well equipped for medium-sized companies and you can use your potential to 100%.

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1Tool as a loyal companion on your growth path

CRM software for medium-sized companies is a must when it comes to coping with the increasing number of competitors and growing customer demands on the market. 1Tool is more than a must-have for medium-sized companies.

It is the information source that brings together all the important data of your departments. It is a consulting tool that supports you in making the right decisions with automatic reports. And it is an all-round talent in successfully controlling marketing, sales and customer processes as well as finance, merchandise management and personnel management and thus supporting your growth in medium-sized companies in the best possible way.

  • Easily turn first-time buyers into regular customers
  • Digitize workflows in every area
  • Lower costs by merging all data

Designed to get the most out of your business

One software suitable for all industries. Features that cover all areas of your business. An intuitive interface to work easier and faster. And an adaptability to be exactly the software you need.

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Special companies require special customer loyalty

Especially in medium-sized companies, the focus and success of a company is on building strong customer relationships.

You know some of the customers personally and have been for years, but you also have to look after a large number of new customers. In order to optimally meet the wishes and requirements of existing customers as well as those of new customers, many companies are involved 1Tool on first-class CRM software for medium-sized companies.

With us, address data, documents, important notes and products and services for each customer are available to you on demand. In this way, service employees can answer customer inquiries much faster, sales employees can generate higher sales by selling additional services and marketing employees can generate new leads by specifically addressing customers.

What started as CRM now extends to ERP.

The greatest advantages of CRM software for medium-sized companies are certainly the falling costs and the time savings through standardized processes.

With 1Tool You will not only succeed in more efficient processes in marketing, service and sales - with 1Tool you also have ERP software for medium-sized companies so that you know that your accounting, human resources and the administration of your products and warehousing are in the best hands.

Hans-Peter Wolf, sales contact.

Hans Peter Wolf

Head of Sales & Authorized Officer

Our contact person for CRM software is always available by phone or email. We would also be happy to arrange an appointment for an exclusive consultation or training course.

Recommended modules for medium-sized companies



per month/user

    Simple notepad

    Individual templates

    newsletter campaigns

    Opening rates, number of clicks and much more.



per month/user

    Simple accounting

    Individual invoice templates


    Evaluations of finances



per month/user

    Fast quotation

    Order confirmations

    Individual offer templates

    Order phases & status



per month/user

    Project phases & progress

    Detailed resource planning

    Project tasks & team members

    Extensive project controlling



per month/user

    Optimal task planning

    Allocation of employees

    Status including notifications

    Easy team communication



per month/user

    Personal folder structure

    Numerous file formats

    Approval & sharing via link

    Simple search & archiving



per month/user

    management of leads

    Mapping of the entire sales pipeline

    Sales Stages & Sources

    Sales Reports & Sales Goals

Time recording


per month/user

    Recording for tasks, projects, contacts

    Evaluation of vacation days & overtime

    Individual working time models

    Play & Stop quick entry



per month/user

    Management of all goods and product groups

    Subscription Products

    Packing units

    Individual discounts, price scales, taxes, etc.

Contact management


per month/user

    Unlimited contacts

    companies and contacts

    Contact Search & Map

    Individual views & fields

    History & Mobile Sync

With 1Tool you can be sure of the digital lead

Prefer medium-sized companies 1Tool, because they are more productive and can ensure more efficient collaboration. Adapted to the personal everyday work, every employee is able to achieve top performance.